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October 16,2017


No kitten plans until Spring/Summer 2018

Please visit Epona and Finnishline websites if you are looking for a kitten



TICA RW SGC & CFA GC Into Wishin Lilian Austin


Lily is TICA's BEST NFC for the 2016-2017 Season!!   We're so proud of her!










Breeder Member of TICA - The International Cat Association

Member of the TICA Voluntary Responsible Breeder Program

TICA NFC Breed Committee Chair 2018 - 2020, 2015 - 2017, 2006 - 2008 and Co-Chair 2012 - 2014

Member of the TICA NFC Breed Committee 2009 - 2011

Member of the Cats on the Beach TICA Club

Founding member of the Norwegian Forest Cat HCM DNA Research Project

Breeder Member of CFA - Cat Fanciers Association


Melissa Alexander

Blackstone Massachusetts ~ USA



Into Wishin' Graphic by N. Skolos