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Zoey van Yjovi

      DOB: May 22, 2013      

Color: Black Tortie Smoke with White

Sire: Sven van Yjovi

Dam: Faith van Yjovi

Breeder: John and Yvonne Krijt, van Yjovi

Owner:  Melissa Alexander

HCM Screening:  January 16, 2015 - Normal

(Cats living in NL: At the time we imported Zoey, her father was screened HCM normal at age 10,

her mother at age 3, and her grandfather at age 13.  Noted here since data is not on Pawpeds)

GSD IV:  N/N (based on N/N tested parents)

PK Deficiency:  N/N (non-carrier)

Titles:  Too young



The story of Zoey

For more than 10 years we've been working primarily with our "core" lines which can be found in the pedigree of our retired foundation female Hanne av Boxerhaven (N) as well as  Epona Harleigh, and various Blue Tanis (CH) lines all of which have Neil Young Blue Tanis in their pedigrees.  As a result, various combinations of these cats can be found in all of our breeding cats.  We are very happy with the kittens born here so far but as we looked ahead, we realized it was time to start searching for some different lines to work with as we move our breeding program forward.  Not an easy task, let me tell you!!!!!

The search for a new female took me about 2 years.  Rather than say I am too picky :)  let's just say I was stuck in my 'comfort zone' and it was hard to move out of that.   As hard as it was to do, we needed to branch out a bit so that we can keep our inbreeding percentages on future kittens at a reasonably low rate. 

In the summer of 2013, we found the website of cattery van Yjovi in The Netherlands.  I was instantly drawn to Zoey as I just love torties so much.  She had a great look and an interesting pedigree so I contacted John & Yvonne to learn more about her.  After much discussion, we agreed that Zoey should move here with us as our new breeding female.  A trip to The Netherlands was planned for October 2013 where we were able to meet her breeders and many of the cats in Zoey's pedigree (and some of her aunts and uncles, too).  After meeting the humans and cats of van Yjovi, I knew that we made a good choice with Zoey.  She flew home with me to Boston, and she was so great on the plane.  Bonus! ;)  

Zoey is now 7 months old and is developing into a beautiful cat!   She is a tortie smoke which is new to me, so smoke and/or silver kittens may be born here at some point.   She is very spunky, not shy at all and has a great temperament.  She reminds us of our first female from Norway, Felicia.  We are looking forward to seeing her as an adult and very excited about what she will bring to our breeding program.

Thank you John & Yvonne for entrusting us with Zoey.  She is loved!


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