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Interested in a kitten? 

Please send an email to melissa@iwcats.com and be sure to include a bit of information about yourself along with details on what type of kitten you are looking for.  Additionally please see our kitten guide for helpful information.

We reserve the right to refuse placement of any kitten.

Available - the kitten is looking for a new home / Hold - the kitten is under observation and may become available later.  Inquiries are welcomed even if a kitten is on hold / Booked - the kitten is spoken for and has a waiting home


We do not have any kittens available

Our friends have kittens.  Please visit their websites for more information


Epona Cattery in Pennsylvania




Finnishline in New York


Epona and Finnishline follow health protocols similar to ours as defined in our kitten guide.


Also see our plans for 2018